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2009 – Fater S.p.A. together with Osservatorio Nazionale sullo Stalking (National Observatory on Stalking), opens an “Antistalking Help Desk” to provide on-site psychological and legal assistance by expert psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and mediators. Fater support to Pescara’s  antistalking help desk is an additional proof of the corporate care for the needs of the community where it operates and especially for women’s requests, also in different fields other than its business. The Study carried out by ONS over the provinces of Pescara and Chieti has shown that over 80% of stalking victims do not report it to the police.​
 Nemo Clinical Centre

Inaugurated the Nemo Clinical Centre in Policlinico Gemelli

FATER adopts an Indian village hit by Tsunami

FATER and Fondazione Angelini for the new Emergency Department of “San Salvatore” Hospital in L’Aquila