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FATER and Fondazione Angelini for the new Emergency Department of “San Salvatore” Hospital in L’Aquila

2010 – The New Emergency Department of “San Salvatore” Hospital in L’Aquila has been returned to the Local Health Unit L'Aquila-Sulmona-Avezzano. The rehabilitation works were funded by Fater spa in Pescara and by Fondazione Francesco Angelini in Rome for an amount of 880,000 Euros. The new Emergency Department is 553 m2 and includes a waiting room, 3 doctors’ offices with the most relevant  technologies and 3 rooms for short periods of patient observation. The ceremony of works delivery was attended by the President of the Region, Mr. Gianni Chiodi, the Director General of Fater spa, and the Secretary General of Fondazione Angelini,  Mr. Erminio Maurizi.

Fater and Fameccanica employees on the side of Save The Children

 Nemo Clinical Centre

The Nemo Clinical Centre was inaugurated in the Gemelli General Hospital

FATER adopts an Indian village hit by Tsunami