Production and transport
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The sustainability approach directs all of our processes

Fater has reduced its environmental footprint under a production processes profile.

There are 33% less CO2 emissions per each product at the Pescara plant (period: 2012-2017).

There is 26% less production of waste per each product at the Pescara plant (period: 2012-2017).

A good portion of the energy demand at the Pescara and Campochiaro (CB) plants is covered by the energy produced by renewable vegetable or methane sources.

0% of the waste produced in the Pescara plant goes directly to the landfill. The industrial waste is recovered and partially reintroduced into our production process in the spirit of circular economy. It is essentially a labour of partnership with authorised local suppliers that allows the plastic components to be recovered and transformed into urban decorating and synthetic sports fields, as well as the cellulose in packing boxes.

In terms of logistic processes, we have been active through the optimisation of loading methods, intermodality and green vehicles.

More efficient vehicle loading methods have allowed us to take about 2,500 trucks of the road, while transporting the same volume. This is a first and important component in the area of sustainable transport.

The launch of experimental projects, such as the use of liquid methane trucks, for example, allows us to save about 3,600 kg of CO2 per year, the equivalent of the emissions absorbed every year by about 120 trees.

Both in Italy and abroad, we have privileged intermodal solutions (by rail and sea), capable of guaranteeing service levels with lower impact transport methods. This has allowed us to reduce the mileage driven on the roads in favour of more sustainable transport solutions.