Diaper landfill can be a thing of the past as game changing diaper recycling technology works on an industrial scale for the first time

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Diaper landfill can be a thing of the past as game changing diaper recycling technology works on an industrial scale for the first time

The technology, patented by Fater SpA, a P&G and Gruppo Angelini joint venture, can transform 10,000 tonnes per year of used diapers into new products and materials of added value; enough to serve one million people. An example of Industry contribution to Environmental Sustainability that won the company the “Circular Economy Champion” award from the European Commission.

Treviso, 25 October 2017 - The world’s first industrial-scale plant capable of recycling virtually 100% of used absorbent hygiene products (baby diapers for infants, sanitary napkins for incontinence and menstruation) and transforming them into secondary raw materials such as plastic, cellulose and absorbing material reached a landmark moment in Lovadina di Spresiano (Treviso) today.

Thanks to the technology developed and patented by Fater S.p.a, a joint venture set up by P&G, the maker of the world’s most popular diaper and absorbent products, and Gruppo Angelini, a leader in production and sales in Italy’s personal health care market, an entire category of products can be now recycled. This is a crucial step in offering consumers superior performing products whilst being able to introduce true circular economy solutions to this category.

The plant is unique, and the first of its kind in the world, and will demonstrate the technology’s industrial-scale efficiency, processing 10,000 tonnes of used absorbent hygiene products per year and serving around one million consumers The plant will be located at Contarina S.p.a, a company that manages waste collection in 50 municipalities in the Veneto region.

This example of how industry can create growth and leadership in environmental sustainability prompted Legambiente to award Fater S.p.A. the coveted European Commission “Circular Economy Champion” prize. It has also been awarded the EMBRACED grant from the European Commission.

These new secondary raw materials are of high quality and can be used in many new productions. One tonne of AHP waste can yield, after the separation of human waste, around 150 kg of cellulose, 75 kg of mixed plastic, and 75 kg of absorbing material that can be used in new products and processes, giving new life to used diapers.

Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri - Fater AHP Recycling BU General Manager: "The productive unit we are commissioning today is the result of technological research conducted by Fater since 2008 and its collaboration with Contarina to reach the most complete industrial efficiency. We intend to industrialize our recycling process by 2018 and will soon install another system with further innovation in Holland. Our satisfaction is twofold: knowing that we've done the right thing for the environment and that we've structured a business model that is self-sustaining in financial terms. This confirms the commitment made by Fater and its shareholders P&G and Gruppo Angelini towards the principles of Circular Economy".

Franco Zanata – President of Contarina: "This is a big step forward in meeting the challenge we have accepted to recycle the un-recyclable: an important step in the progressive implementation of a circular economy based on practical projects and activities. This innovative system testifies to 'Made in Italy' excellence in the Green sector."

Roberto Marinucci – P&G Vice President Global Baby Care, Wipes and Sustainability and Member of the Fater Executive Committee: "P&G's mission is to improve the quality of life of the consumers now and for generations to come. It is an opportunity for growth, innovation and leadership. P&G believe that diaper recycling is good for our consumers, good for the planet and good for business. It fits with our vision on zero waste to landfill. As a company committed to doing the right thing, we are taking leadership in this project."

Jordi Ballesté – CEO of Angelini Consumer Goods and Member of the Fater Executive Committee: "We are very proud to be a part of this important project and of all the recognition Fater has received in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. This new 'Made in Italy' technology is an excellent innovation, and the inauguration of this productive unit rewards our efforts and investments dedicated to the development of the circular economy, to the benefit of the environment, society, and our consumers".



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