Digital Gym: last training meeting with students of Pescara

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Digital Gym: ultimo incontro formativo con gli studenti pescaresi

In the picture: Domenico Di Francescantonio, ICT Director, during the introductory meeting

Pescara, April 11th, 2017. It was held today, in the great hall of Virgil middle school in Via di Sotto, the training meeting with students of the Istituto Comprensivo Pescara 9, which marks the start of the School Digital Marathon pilot project in the city of Pescara. A journey of discovery through 16 monothematic lessons to be held in the classroom, developed by Fater spa and external consultants, made available to the school in order to lead the younger generation into the digital world.

After the schools of Ortona and Miglianico, the I. C. Pescara 9 closes the loop of the three pilot schools involved in the project promoted by Fater spa to train students on digital networking and cyber bullying prevention.

With the presence of showman Vincent Olivieri and his usual irony, the presentation event was held throughout the day involving both students and families in interactive learning content.

The results achieved under the 1st School Digital Marathon pilot project, conceived and promoted by Fater spa, as well as being placed at the focus of the regional school office to encourage the involvement of other schools, will be featured in a special final event in June, in the presence of students, teachers, media and institutions.