FATER contributed to the construction of Ponte del Mare (the Sea Bridge) in Pescara

Press releases

2009 – Together with some other local entrepreneurs, Fater sponsored the project presented by the Municipality of Pescara and contributed to the construction of a new pedestrian and cycling bridge. Ponte del Mare (the Sea Bridge), that’s the name chosen by Pescara citizens, has a highly innovative design and has been built to improve the town’s usability and enhance its comfortable and modern town profile. The bridge is located at the mouth of the Pescara river and joins the two seafronts of the town. It has two cycle lanes and a pedestrian sidewalk. It has a two-floor structure supported by a single support tower. The technical and architectural design has been prepared by the Italian-German company PICHLER Projects with the advice of Mr. Enzo Siviero, Head of the Architecture Construction Department at IUAV in Venice and one of the most outstanding bridge experts in Italy.